Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Keep a Da Vinci Notebook

In today's world, with nearly unlimited access to information and our culture's tendency to multitask, we might consider ourselves a Renaissance society. We aren't interested in just one or two things, but many. The original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, kept a journal or notebook with him at all times in which he jotted down ideas, impressions, and observations, as well as recording:
• jokes
• fables
• observations and thoughts of scholars he admired
• personal financial records
• letters
• reflections on domestic problems
• philosophical musings and predictions
• plans for inventions
• treatises on anatomy, botany, geology, flight, water, and painting

Our busy lives and job responsibilities drive us into
––hard conclusions
––measurable results
On the other hand, the exploratory, free-flowing, unfinished, non-judgmental practice of keeping a da Vincian notebook fosters freedom of thought and expansion of perspective. ◦


Writeonandon said...

You have some wonderful ideas we can all use. Thank you for sharing them. I have mentioned your blog in my new blog. You can find it here: http://writeonandon.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/blogs-to-check-out/

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Leonard's Renaissance jokes would be like? Probably not very funny to our ears...

Tyrthestudent said...

I like this Idea, sometimes I carry my journal around, but I do not think to do it too oftenly, I often don't bring wallet either with me.