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Is There a Real Joe Brandt?

Is There a Real Joe Brandt? Dreamer of Mega-Earthquake in California

Supposedly, in 1937, when he was 17 years old and sustained injuries from hitting his head from a fall from his horse, Joe Brandt had a series of prophetic dreams about “the big one,” a mega-earthquake to hit California some time in the future.

You can read the complete text of and/or watch a cinematic half-hour YouTube based on Joe Brandt’s diary entries on these dreams. There is also a six-minute animated dramatization of his dream presented in Spanish (Espanol).

One of the key questions this story has raised for me is – who is Joe Brandt?  Was he a real person?  If so, do any of his stats line up with the story relayed back in 1965 to author Jessica Madigan (Mei Ling), who originally published Joe’s account in 1969?

Through some not-so-extravagant research, I found a Joseph Wendell Brandt (November 19, 1919-July 5, 1995) whose last known residence was Fresno, California. His mother's name was Alice. Joseph would have been 17 years old most of the year 1937 until his birthday in November, when he would turn 18. He lived to age 75.  This information was found on and

As well, Joseph W. Brandt served in the army during World War II, enlisting at age 24 in June 1944.

Joseph Brandt’s wife, Fran, who Jessica Madigan said was her closest friend, died in what might be March 1967. Outside of what Madigan said herself, it is hard to pin down anything on Fran Brandt. Also, with Fran’s death so many years prior to modern electronic technology, information is spartan.

Who for that matter was Jessica Madigan, who sometimes published under the pseudonym Mei Ling? I couldn’t find much about her personally, other than her series of small press, homespun, self-published books published between 1963-1992 on the topics of world prophecy, dreams, past lives, reincarnation and other new age issues.  She supposedly was a follower of Edgar Cayce.

Some speculate that Madigan may have fabricated Brandt’s story. However, pinning her motive on needed income during her husband’s illness doesn’t hold much water.  None of her self-published, humble-looking books were blockbusters by any stretch of the imagination. Having been in the small press business myself along with my husband, I know that most of such publication efforts are more significant as labors of love than as any venue of profit. Madigan’s first publication of Joe’s story in a Christian newsletter called “Living Water” back in 1969 could also hardly be a cash cow.

Let me suggest four different takes, one of which might be the truth about Joe Brandt’s earthquake dream story:
1.)  Everything Madigan published was a verbatim transcription from Joe Brandt’s dream diaries of 1937.
2.) Not many 17-year-olds with a mere three years of high school under their belts are as articulate, clear or as visual a writer as Brandt. Nevertheless, students his age in 1937 were likely better-trained writers, more knowledgeable about the world around them, and with greater vocabularies than many young people today.  Perhaps Madigan, as a professional writer, might have edited Brandt’s work enough to make it more cognizant to the reader.
3.) Perhaps Brandt’s written account was a little crude and sketchy. Madigan may have enhanced the writing with a lot of what-ifs that might be common among earthquakes. What did the air smell like? Did the birds and other animals disappear? What expressions did the people have when the earthquake took place? What did they do and say? Perhaps she took wider liberties in making the piece as compelling  and hard-hitting as it is by adding  a sizable number of fictive and dramatic details.
4.)  Or Madigan completely fabricated the entire piece.  

However, in regard to point number four, I find it hard to trace any kind of motive for Madigan to totally fabricate such an account, or for a honorably discharged World War II veteran and semi-skilled worker such as Brandt to allow someone to create an entirely fictitious story about him.

I don’t know if Brandt’s original handwritten diary pages still exist or if they ever existed. It would be interesting to see photographs of the original manuscript. I haven’t the faintest idea of where to even look to find them. I can’t imagine they are in any public archive.

But my search, as far as answering my original question about the authenticity of a real person who fits the description of the Joe Brandt who dreamt of an upcoming California megaquake, has me sufficiently satisfied. I believe totally that Joseph W. Brandt, who was born 1919 and died 1995 in Fresno, California, is that person.

I am a Christian and believe God can lead us in various, and sometimes unconventional, ways.  I will continue to pray for guidance, evidence and confirmation while seeking what’s true from false. ##

Postscripts: In the dream text, in which the action takes place primarily on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, a section reads, "Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that? Maybe it is some big Halloween doings, but it don't seem like Halloween. More like early spring."

It is interesting to note that the "Hollywood Boulevard Characters" who dress up in costume on Hollywood Blvd and ask people to pose in pictures with them for tips first appeared on Hollywood Boulevard in the early 1990s, starting with Superman, then followed by Elvis Presley and Charlie Chaplin, before slowly blossoming into more than 80 characters in current times. Obviously, this wasn't taking place when Joe Brandt wrote his diary in 1937, nor even when the account was first published in 1969.

Another phrasing from the diary, "Funny glow about them. It is a shine around their heads -- something shining." Could this be from glowing headphones and headsets that first seemed to be marketed around 2012 or just colorful headphones for that matter? A reader of this blog suggested the "funny glow about them" may in fact be the glow on their faces reflecting the light of their cellphones or iPads.

Note that in Brandt's dream, he saw a movie marquee featuring a blonde with one leg draped six-feet long. With a newly revised release date of 2018, the feature film "Blonde," a movie about Marilyn Monroe, based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel, is set to premier in the U.S. The film is being directed by Andrew Dominik and produced by Brad Pitt. Because of the film's production delays, there have been changes in casting, and Jessica Chastain will no longer play the role of Marilyn Monroe. Will the new Marilyn be Margot Robbie?

Was Joe Brandt talking about autonomous cars or self-driving cars in the following passage, about cars that can drive themselves? This technology is just emerging and may become mainstream before too many years in the future. In addition, the "baby, half-size" car he mentions resembles today's Smart car or Fiats. He wrote, "I looked out at the cars. They were honking, but not scared. They just kept moving. They didn't seem to know yet that anything was happening. Then, that white car, that baby half-sized one came sprawling from the inside lane right against the curb."

A little strange something caught my attention in the text. Everyone laughed after an initial small earthquake. "The ground shook, just an instant. People looked at each other, surprised. Then they laughed. I laughed, too. So this was what I had been waiting for. This funny little shake. It meant nothing." Do most people in California laugh at a small earthquake? Maybe they do. Or instead, wouldn't they be a little alarmed? People are surprised and laugh more often when they are expecting one thing and another happens, something not so consequential. Were people expecting a large earthquake? Is this set in a future time when earthquake prediction is more refined and accurate? Is everyone actually on edge and expecting a large earthquake when this first little small one arrives?

2017 updates: Some other points. In the dream Joe said, "I looked up at the clock down by that big theater. It was ten minutes to four. Something big was going to happen. I wondered if I went into a movie (since nobody could see me) if I'd like it. Some cardboard blond was draped over the marquess with her leg six feet long. I started to go in, but it wasn't inside."

In 1937, Joe would have been aware of the Grauman's Chinese Theater, which was famous, built in 1927 and seats around 1,000 people. But "that big theater," (the Dolby Theater?) which he did not mention by name is just down the block from the Chinese Theater. The Dolby Theater was built in 2001 and seats close to 3,500 people. Big.

But when he started to go in, it "wasn't inside." That's because the first entrance on the street leads to to a number of indoor mall shops before opening to the large outdoor area used as the red carpet for the Academy Awards. You would get to the theater only after a walk down through the shopping area and then the outdoor courtyard, since the theater itself is set far back from the street. Conversely, he also could mean that the movie he saw advertised on Hollywood Blvd. was not inside, because he only found himself in front of the shops and/or because the Dolby does not show movies, but only live entertainment.

I couldn't locate a big clock he mentioned anywhere around the Dolby Theater or the Hollywood and Highland area. Might he mean a big electronic billboard that occasionally flashes the time?

A reader informed me about the possible "5 and 10" that Joe Brandt saw on Hollywood Blvd in his dream.

The old 5-and-10-cent store (five-and-dime) previously on Hollywood Blvd. is long gone. It opened in the Kress Building in 1934 and remained until the late 1940s, at which time Frederick's of Hollywood took over, and in 2009 was transformed into an entertainment center. A replica of it was created in Disney World in Florida in a recreation of Hollywood Blvd.

Today, a $5 and $10 store (unrelated to the previous 5 and 10) stands right next to the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. This $10 store also has a Facebook page. The Hollywood and Highland Center where the store resides wasn't built until 2001. The former Kress 5 and 10 store was located about three blocks away on Hollywood Blvd, some distance from the setting of Joe Brandt's dream.

LA Weekly ran a story that included the new "5 and 10" which calls itself "Everything's $10 Luxury Accessories." However, a street-level sign out in front always advertises everything on sale for $5 for "one-day only" (see bullet point #6)



RFB said...

Thanks for the research. People just accept this account with zero checking.

Edmond Richmond said...

Excellent research on the prophetic dream.
The people slouching while walking could be everybody was on their phones.
President was heavier with big ears. Some suspects: Obama, Biden, Trump, Santorum, etc.
It should be near

Bevan Coles said...

Good day Cynthia

This is a very interesting article. I read the article some time back and it ties in with prophecies made by the American Prophet William Branham. William Branham made a prophecy in 1935 that the "ocean shall weep its way into the desert". Then in 1965 he prophesied that Los Angeles(Hollywood) would slide into the ocean. I have the audio of the text. This prophesy ties in with Joe Brandt's dream. Read some excerpts taken from audio sermons below, BEFORE 24 December 1965. Branham passed on 24 December 1965 the same day Joe Brandt left his writings with Ms Madigan. That was a bit strange.

Excerpts from tapes below:
She went and got a prophecy that I made about 1935 or something like that, and said: "The time would come (It's written in a book somewhere.) that the sea would weep it's way into the desert." Look what'll take place. If that thousands of square miles falls down into the lava of the earth and slides in, there'll be millions die at one time. And that'll cause such a tidal wave... Remember, plumb up into the Salton Sea is a hundred or two hundred feet lower than the sea level. That water will probably come almost to Tucson with that tidal wave coming across there. And the sea shall weep its way into the desert.
That's what it is when you know that you're talking to Him... You would think it was a foolish thing when somebody... When, I know that there is a few people in the world holds on to what I say to be the truth. To stand here and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, I'm going to Arizona, there I'll meet seven Angels in a cluster," well, there's a group of men standing there to see it happen.
The other night saying that Los Angeles would fall into the ocean... But when you have met God, and the God Who doesn't fail, the God Who does exactly what He said He would do, He's always done it; you're not ashamed of it then. You don't have to walk back and be embarrassed about it; you can tell the whole world. When a man meets God, talks to Him, and the reality of God becomes his in his heart, he's not ashamed of It.
191 Oh, my. I remember just my last message in California where I thought I'd never go back again, when I predicted Los Angeles will go beneath the ocean. And THUS SAITH THE LORD, it will. She's done; she's washed; she's finished. What hour? I don't know when, but it will be sunk. Right after that the earthquakes begin to jerk and bound.

193 Remember, that same God that said that, said Los Angeles is doomed. And she's finished. I don't know when; I can't tell you.
I didn't know I said that. But this brother here I believe it was... No, one of the Mosleys, I believe, had me out on the street out there. I didn't know what it was till I looked back. And I looked back in the Scripture, and Jesus said, "Capernaum, Capernaum, how oft... You that's exalted yourself (rather) up into heaven shall be brought down into hell, for if the mighty works had been done in you that'd--been done in Sodom, it'd stood today." And about a hundred and fifty years from there--Sodom had already in the earth, then Capernaum is in the water too today.

195 And that same Spirit of God that said all these things and done all these things, It said there, "Oh city, Capernaum, who called yourself by the name of the angels, Los Angeles, ...
"You that call yourself by the name of the angels, if the mighty works had been done in Sodom that'd been done in you, it'd stood today. But your hour's come." You watch and see. If it ain't, I'm a false prophet. See? There she is; she's laying there.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a little out there, but I'm prone in thinking today is the day of Joe Brandt's dream. There will be over 500,000 people on the boulevard celebrating Halloween today, 10/31/15. John Kerry, a man who is much larger than FDR, is on the front page, his head quite large. There is also a very strong coronal hole facing earth directly. We will see if this is the day he saw, at 4pm.

EPL said...

You might try contacting Jery Stier at the Society for Mystic Prehistory Studies in L.A. He worked with Jessica Madigan and was a close friend of Joe Brandt. I spoke with him a few years back. He is older and was unaware that the dream was online. I felt he was sincere and the dream was not made up. I had been looking for language in it that did not fit the date, but the writing seems perfect for a 17 year old boy from 1937.

Spring of 2018 sounds about right. Seems the thing to watch for is strong volcano/earthquake activity in Colombia and Venezuela 3 months before.

Cynthia Gallaher said...

EPL, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate telling me your experience with Mr. Stier. I plan to follow up on your tip.

Frank said...

There seem to be at least two versions:

A. the version on

B. a reprint from Living Water, Vol 1X, Number 2, April-May-June Issue 1969. There are some differences in these versions.

Most notably, in version B the Garlock fault is mentioned:

"I seemed to see it was the Garlock Fault, not just the San Andreas that was rocking San Francisco. It was moving just like that earthquake movie with Jeanette McDonald and Gable. I could see all those mountains coming together - the Sierra Nevada, and the San Andreas and Garlock. I knew what was going to happen to San Francisco - it was going to turn over, because of Garlock. It would turn upside down."

Version B is a PDF file which can be downloaded here:

Cynthia Gallaher said...

A reader of the blog who is part of a climate change research group sent me the following interpretation of two aspects from Joe Brandt's dream:
We suspect the glowing light around the dancers' heads is from the "lantern" app on their cell phones. We suspect they are listening to music on their cell phones - with ear buds - and dancing, with their faces down toward their cell phones - which reflects light onto their heads.

We concluded that this "dance" does not necessarily mean this is a famous "slouching" dance - we suspect this group of dancers could be the actual professional dancers that have been hired and taught the choreography for a music video or live performance - this cataclysm will be the end of their life.The dance they are doing together does not necessarily mean this has become a famous dance.

We also found the "Blonde" movie being released by Brad Pitt - However, we concluded that this estimated 15 foot high blonde - with six foot long legs - straddling the marquis as Joe describes - may not be promoting a movie - the 15 foot high cut-out of a "blonde" might be promoting a live concert .

We feel that as Joe became middle aged - in the 1950's and 1960's, he would have recognized the famous Marilyn Monroe - from the cut-out in his dream - we expect we would have had some word on that - from someone - but perhaps not.

We have many famous "blondes" who perform at various venues around the world - Lady Gaga, Britney... even Beyonce sometimes looks blonde. And there are others.

A huge cut-out of one of those blondes - to promote a live concert at a theater on Hollywood Boulevard - is within the bounds of rational speculation.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine if the President was Obama, he might have commented on something other than size and ears...Trump being President seems an even scarier prospect.

Shoe store comment was interesting, too. Show stores in 2017-18 seem more likely places to loot than 1969...

LP said...

NASA predicted last year a very high probability of a major quake in LA within 3 years, and this created some furor from the traditional EQ guys. Why would NASA make this prediction, and would the "EQ experts" really have any true way to refute?

I have read EQECAT studies, and the one thing that appears on all earthquake studies is historical information is limited, making predictions less than reliable.

My scoring says:
1. Plausible=yes
2. Likely=yes...I see spring of 2017...does this make Trump winning possible? Save us!
3. Significant=yes, based on multiple faults (perfect storm, plus pacific rim seems to be driven by a cosmic type event...asteroid?...taking us back to NASA)
4. Linked to Bible prophesy=matter of faith, but LA is the porn capital of the universe (clean it up folks)
5. Catastrophic at global level= changes everything (live each day to the maximum)

Anonymous said...

Thousands of independent sources of climate data - along with corroborating evidence in Joe's " dream " - strongly suggests Joe was seeing a vision of the future:

An increase in volcanic / geothermal heat in the mountains of Antarctica has prompted glaciologists to voice their concerns that the entire West Antarctic ice sheet could slide into the sea -

this now appears to be inevitable.

As the Antarctic glaciers crash into the sea, the impact will puncture the tectonic plates on the seafloor - just as the tectonic plates have ruptured and broken in the past. This image of the seafloor between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula shows cracks that occurred in 1700:

As glaciers - weighing billions of tons - crash into the sea, they will break the tectonic plates along Antarctica into more pieces.

The force of these impacts will * most-likely * shove South America to the north which will cause the other tectonic plates to become re-configured.

Massive tectonic plate upheaval and volcanic explosions - all around the world - is expected. The decimation of Los Angeles and the destruction of San Francisco, along with millions of other cities, towns and villages around the world appears inevitable.

This worldwide devastation will - most likely - be promptly followed by colossal tsunami waves that will be launched by the massive splash as glaciers - the size of Pennsylvania - crash into the sea.

The first glacier will launch tsunami waves that will dislodge the other ice shelves which will leave the glaciers with no support - they will fall into the sea, which will launch even more tsunami waves.

A rough estimate of 200 colossal tsunami waves, traveling at 400 - 500 mph is expected -

these waves will be considerably larger than the tsunami waves we've seen over the past 100 years and will begin decimating the cities, towns and villages of coastal Chile and Argentina as they make their way toward equatorial regions and the northern hemisphere.

Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, the Asian islands, etc., will be decimated - followed by Central America, the Gulf states and the rest of the world.

Thirty-foot tsunami waves - like those from Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Alaska, etc., act like a bulldozer, shoving everything out of their way.

But the colossal tsunami waves that are coming will shove the entire continental shelf - and all the land, all the buildings, roads, bridges, stadiums... everything...

vast distances inland.

This phenomena is well-documented in hundreds of historic documents from around the world.

We expect very few survivors.

Anonymous said...

4 pm in L.A. is 7 pm in NYC -

Joe said it's night time in NYC

Daylight savings begins on March 12 - in NYC and L.A.

which makes night time suddenly fall at 8 pm

After March 12, 7 pm in NYC is daylight

due to the sunset and daylight savings...

if Joe's "dream" is real -

and if this evidence is valid -

the worldwide devastation will occur in March.

Joe says he feels the time is in early spring

which corroborates this small window of opportunity in March.

Joe does not describe Christmas decorations on Hollywood Blvd

so if his dream is correct, the event does not occur between

mid-November and mid-January when Hollywood Blvd would be decorated for Christmas.

Hollywood Blvd has a huge Christmas parade - with dozens and dozens of celebrities -

the weekend after Thanksgiving - so we know the decorations are up on the streets and we know the decorations are taken down in January.

Joe does not describe any Valentine's decorations which would be in the store windows in the first half of February.

Joe also does not describe any Easter decorations which would be up in April 2017 for Easter on the 16th

In 2018, Easter is April 1st -

which means stores will have their Easter decorations up in the windows in March - if Easter decorations were up, Joe certainly would have mentioned it - since he mentioned the "president" with big ears and many other details related to time.

This evidence supports the window of opportunity for the worldwide devastation in March 2017 - most likely the second week of March 2017 -

if all this evidence is valid and real.

March is the end of summer in Antarctica when the ice shelves and glaciers will be their most vulnerable -

weakened by six months of 24 hour sunlight -

we expect this worldwide devastation will be prompted by glaciers - the size of Pennsylvania, weighing billions of tons, crashing into the sea which will result in colossal tsunami waves, broken tectonic plates, the shifting and upheaval of tectonic plates, etc. Tsunami waves travel at less than 500 mph and since Antarctica is 6,000 miles away - the tsunami waves from Antarctica will reach North America 12 hours after the cataclysm begins.

This graph has a slider that helps you to see the exact daylight hours in February, March and the other months:

ET in NZ said...

I looked up that EQ movie that Joe Brandt mentioned when he describe the carnage in SF and guess what, the main character's name is "Blackie", same as the hors that threw Joe on the ground which caused his concussion!!! Coincidence? I think not....

Anonymous said...

If anyone wonders why Los Angeles will turn up on its side, the answer is right here - this map shows the underground train system that was carved out decades ago - beneath Los Angeles County. When the tectonic plates begin their rapid migration, the Grand Canyon will shove the Hoover Dam which will break - along with hundreds of other dams in the USA - and all across the world.

The San Bernardino mountains will be shoved westward and then Los Angeles County, which is relatively lightweight because of the subterranean train tunnels - will be flipped up onto its side:

Anonymous said...

We've been researching the details in Joe's dream - including Joe's description of people on Hollywood Blvd with "frowzy" hair. We looked up the definition and came to the conclusion that Joe is describing a popular hair style from the 80's rock scene. Why would people have frowzy hair in Los Angeles in March 2017? If they were going to an 80's rock concert in L.A., many people would frizz their hair for the concert - we looked online to see if an 80's rock concert is on the schedule for March 2017. Yes, Jon Bon Jovi is scheduled to perform March 8th, 2017 in Los Angeles:

March 8th is before the nationwide time change on March 12th which means NYC will be dark at 7pm - just as Joe described it.

Cynthia Gallaher said...

A reader just informed me about the possible "5 &10" that Joe Brandt saw on Hollywood Blvd in his dream.

The old 5-and-10-cent store previously on Hollywood Blvd. is long gone. A replica of it was created in Disney World in Florida in a recreation of Hollywood Blvd.

Today, a $5 and $10 store (unrelated to the previous 5&10) stands next to Grauman's Ghinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. which also had a Facebook page

LA Weekly ran a story that included the new "5 & 10" which calls itself "Everything's $10 Luxury Accessories." However, a street-level sign out in front always advertises everything on sale for $5 for "one-day only" (see bullet point #6)