Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Choose Your Weapon. Then Write!

Journal as object -- which type you choose is a matter of personal preference. Some are large and scrapbook- or sketchbook-like with unlined pages waiting for random entries, doodles, rubber stamps and glued items. Others have elaborately-decorated or sculptured covers with cooly lined paper inside waiting for heated phraseology. And what could be more kitsch and sentimental than the black-and-white mottled composition books from our childhoods -- with a special magnetism for our pens. Some who like to edit journal entries or add and remove pages might go for a planner-style looseleaf journal with small three-punch pages of every color. And you can always rotate multiple journals -- for personal journaling, creative ideas, or a wine or film log, as examples -- each with its own individual look. For those who love to trade the latest personal sagas with friends via e-mail -- just print all those e-mails stored in your "sent" file and voila, there's your journal. And last, but not least, blogs. Not as private, by a long shot, as a journal tucked inside your nightstand, but what fun! ◦

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