Monday, October 11, 2004

Rubber Stamps Add Personality to Your Journal

Rubber stamps can make an individual impression on your journal's pages. No longer merely functional oddities that mark bills "Paid," rubber stamps have now arisen as performance artists in their own right, arriving in every shape, size and theme. These "printing presses in the palm of your hand" are available at paper stores, bookstores, gift shops and through special rubber stamp catalogs and websites. I use oatmeal cylinders covered in Japanese or European art paper to house my growing collection of rubber stamps. Each one seems to mark a particular aspect of my personality. And I usually find at least a couple to match my current mood to stamp alongside a journal entry. Use a single color rubber stamp pad for the stamp itself and then fill in blank areas like a coloring book by using a rainbow of fine markers. You'll transform your journal into a modern-day illuminated manuscript or a charm bracelet of images to admire as you turn your journal's pages. Blog writers can use JPEG art images just as effectively. ◦

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